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Colormirror satin dark blue glowing after bologna


Regine Schumann (Goslar 1961 - )


Acrylic glass, fluorescent

46 x 110 x 11 cm | 18,1 x 43,3 x 4,3 in


Artist's studio

Detail Description

Regine Schumann assembles acrylic Plexiglas sheets to achieve a multiplicity of shades created by the interaction between foreground, background and perimeter. Depending on the spatial and atmospheric conditions, the colours intensify, interpenetrate and mutually reverberate, subjecting the viewer's gaze to gradual or sudden changes. 

Through the use of UV rays, the surfaces also reveal latent gradations: the acrylic material, which previously seemed impenetrable, suddenly appears to dematerialise, while the satin-finished sheets tend to saturate and numb, thus generating a colouristic mixture/synthesis that takes place through light, space and shadow.

Drawing on the findings of modern industry, Regine Schumann has succeeded in inventing a fluorescence that transcends the space of our experience, projecting us into an experience of perception that stands between natural and artificial reality.

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Colormirror satin dark blue glowing after bologna


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