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Complete Hindleg of a big Male Woolly Mammoth


Dimensions: 237 x 82 x 82 cm
Id: F0080
North sea, The Netherland

50 thousand years old. Femur: 118x24cm, 23kg. Tibia/Fibula: 65x23cm, 11kg. Foot: 25x40cm, 9 kg. Stand/Plateau: 29x82x82cm, 28 kg.
Total height hindleg + plateau (put together): 237cm, 71kg.

This leg is from a mammoth from the Dutch North Sea.
Fishermen sailing the North Sea fish and scrape the bottom with trawls and find bones and tusks from mammoths, for example, in addition to their own catch. Mammals from the Ice Age. We know the North Sea as a sea but in the past it was dry land and mammoths walked here.

This leg is the hind leg of a male Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) and is about 50 thousand years old.

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Complete Hindleg of a big Male Woolly Mammoth


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