Galerie Wilms

Maru Mori


Bibi Smit (Son en Breugel 1965 - )

glass blown, 26 x 25 x 39 cm (approx), 2022


Salone del Mobile, Palazzo Francesco Turati Milan, 2022

Detail Description


The heartbreaking simplicity

of ordinary things*

Casually fallen fruits and petals 

represent slightly uncomfortable and

awkward, but also, beautiful and tasteful,

fragments of nature.


These unique, colourful glass shapes 

form a strong visualisation of 

the joy of nature and the circle of life.


Bibi Smit has recently been commissioned

to create a large suspended light sculpture

for the entrance of the exhibition hall 

of the prestigious Mauritshuis Museum.


* From: The dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig. Photograph by Tom Haartsen

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