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Under the Ginkgo


Leonie Schneider

Acrylic paint on unbleached cotton


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It Just Makes Sense

Detail Description

Painted novels

Leonie Schneider plays with our perception; she skillfully balances between 'real' and 'false'. Like a novelist with paint instead of a pen, she brings her characters to life. Even though they are based on her own experiences and the roles that different characters play within a family, the characters are clearly fictional. They seem to have moved from a comic strip to her large narrative paintings that reveal themselves as scenes in a play or chapters from a book.

For her new, colorful and detailed series of paintings, she again uses an exuberant visual language that originate from her imagination, but this time her narrative has shifted to two brothers Erik and Allan and their younger sister Agg. 

In two extra large works she highlights the theme of 'learning'. In one painting, Agg learns everything about creative processes from her writing brother Allan, in the other, the mechanic Erik teaches her to make something with tools. The characters in Leonies scenes are painted chapters in a thick book without words.

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Under the Ginkgo


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