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Omega Gilbert Albert


A stunning example of a Gilbert Albert wristwatch by Omega, dating back to 1966.

Detail Description

Not many watch designers have garnered personal fame. Most have worked in anonymity, sheltered under big brand-name umbrellas. But then there are the few watch designers who managed to grow into icons of the industry on a personal level. Gerald Genta is one, for sure. But Gilbert Albert (1930-2019) is certainly among the greatest. His daring designs bridge the divide between horology and art.

Gilbert Albert made a name for himself as a young designer at Patek Philippe, where he drew the “Ricochet”, among others. He later moved to Omega, of which we see a fruit here.

This is a stunning example of a Gilbert Albert wrist watch by Omega, dating back to 1966.

At first glance, you may mistake this beauty for a bracelet. And even if it was ‘only’ a bracelet, it would still be a masterpiece. Its flowing, organic shape drapes over the wrist in a beautifully elegant fashion. Its seemingly random texture reminds us of a flourishing coral reef.

Although it looks solid, it is comprised of hidden articulating links which provide a supple fit. A mere glance at the inside reveals this is not just a designer’s work of art, but also the fruit of masterful craftsmanship in gold smithing.

And then we come to the watch itself. Discreetly hidden from view by a beautifully engineered lid. This watch was made in the philosophy that it is bad form to check the time at a party. So this beauty enables its wearer to secretly check the time at her convenience.
Powered by a back-winding Cal. 640X, this Omega features a dial that measures a diminutive ten millimetres. But that does not stop Omega from applying two styles of faceted indices.

This mesmerizing Omega Ref. 7148 in 18k multi-color gold is now available at Amsterdam Watch Company.

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Omega Gilbert Albert