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A wine jug with a depiction of two mythical creatures: a qilin and a xiezhai


Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen
Late Chung Chen (1628-1643, Ming dynasty) or early Shunzhi (1644-1661 Ching dynasty)
height: 26,0 cm


Michel Butler, Julia Curtis, Stephan Little: Shunzi Porcelain, Treasures from an Unknown Reign, Alexandria, 2002, p. 91 and 104.

Detail Description

A wine jug in the form of a broad, upended baluster with an S-shaped spout positioned parallel to the high, square handle. The domed lid has a knob with an unglazed top. The pot is painted in underglazed blue. On either side of the spout two panels, each of which features a mythical creature: a qilin (signifying integrity and benevolence, whose appearance foretells an imminent birth) and a xiezhai, encircled by flames in a landscape. The xiezhai has a dog-like head, a flowing mane covering its shoulders and body and the paws and tail of a Buddhist lion: see number 11 in Shunzhi Porcelain. The jug’s shoulder features a triangular motif while the neck has a wall motif. Between the panels a lotus (long life, purity, Buddha) and cherry blossom (winter, long life, Laozhe). The lid features a floral design (a chrysanthemum?) while the handle and spout feature the same floral decorations alongside elongated ovals. The 1643 Hatcher cargo recovered from a vessel in the South China Sea included similar wine pots.

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A wine jug with a depiction of  two mythical creatures: a qilin and a xiezhai


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