Farm girl with cow


Bart van der Leck (Utrecht 1876 - Blaricum 1958)

Lithograph on paper, ca. 1921


Purchased directly from the artist's heirs.

Detail Description

During the final preparations for PAN Amsterdam, the heirs of Bart van der Leck offered us a folder in which dozens of original works on paper by the artist have been preserved.

Besides some lithographs of the well-known composition 'Boerenmeisje met Koe' from 1921, the folder contained work that has not been shown to the public before, such as; preliminary studies on paper that are recognizable in well-known oil paintings such as 'Composition no.5 from 1918 (collection museum de Fundatie Zwolle) and 'Ploegen' from 1913 (collection Singer Laren) and a still life with apple and bulb vase from 1931.

Also beautiful small sketches of dancing figures, blooming flowers, a puppet show, a stylized interior, carpet designs, factory workers, etc.

The folder also contains large pieces including a charcoal drawing of a stylized dancer, a composition with a man and woman figure, a still life with sphere vase and apple from 1931 that is also executed in oil paint and a signed working drawing of a ceramic vase from 1952 (vase collection Kröller-Müller).

At the PAN we will present works from the folder amidst furniture and lighting designed by Gerrit Rietveld, Piet Elling and WH Gispen, under the title:

'Bart van der Leck, works on paper PAN 2021'

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Farm girl with cow


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