Galerie Lieve Hemel

Shells in Green Japanese Teacup


Hanneke van Oosterhout (1955 - )

2021, oil on panel, 22,5 x 22,8 cm


Galerie Lieve Hemel, Amsterdam


Little catalog "On Chips and Shells", published by Galerie Lieve Hemel, 2021


solo in Galerie Lieve Hemel, October 2021

Detail Description

Shells have an obscure-ish way of their own to symbolise the past and the present all at once. Although a contributing factor in this respect would have to be the sheer impossibility of gauging how long ago it must have been when each of the myriad exoskeletons on the beach still housed a living creature of its own, it’s not clear whether it’s this that lies at the heart of the “must touch” quality of shells and the fondness people have for collecting them. In fact I have a hunch that the average person – don’t ask me who or what he or she would be – will associate shells not with members of the animal kingdom but with poetry, or with paintings.

(Fragment from the catalog "On Chips and Shells"

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Shells in Green Japanese Teacup


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