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Gold and Platinum Acrostic Dearest Brooch


A 15 carat gold and platinum acrostic bar brooch spelling the word DEAREST, England, circa 1910

Acrostic jewelry is the spelling of a word by using the first letter of each gemstone. So for this acrostic piece spelling the word DEAREST the following gemstones have been used: diamond (0.09 carat), emerald (0.13 carat), amethyst (0.1 carat), ruby (0.24 carat), emerald (0.13 carat), sapphire (0.17
carat) and topaz (0.1 carat).

dimensions: 5.7 x 0.6 cm
weight: 5.17 grams

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Gold and Platinum Acrostic Dearest Brooch


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