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Custode aux Lionnes


- Goudji (Georgië 1941 - )

1474 / 5000
Violence against violence, is it desirable to bring it in as a motive hidden deep beneath all other layers, with that overwhelming perseverance that Goudji has displayed for more than fifty years, purely because the hammering of that silver is accompanied by a thunderous graze. , the muscles breaks, but yes, that brilliance of that hammered silver, if somewhere an enchantment is inexplicable, then with those monomaniac dimples, those billions of facets, which, although curiously enough to the eye evoke reminiscences of a miniature mountain landscape, but in fact there are tiny dents that are easy to polish away, where at the end of the hammer the steel head like a caress forces the metal to give way to those brilliant concentrations of light, which has been traveling through the universe for billions of years, and sum in that silver the is given the opportunity to unleash its magic on the soft human-animal, as if that light hopes it can do something about that gigantic collection to blunt spirits who, in that one livable place in the galaxy, behave like the emperor's too young son, who unfortunately did not benefit from the pills that his highly personal magician split in the stomach. What's in a name, the other half-baked habitats scoffed, but I digress. The local earthly stuff matters, in my amorphous empire of unfinished thoughts I fight along with Goudji's nostalgia for his roots. What would be the French word for that?


solo in Galerie Lieve Hemel, 1996

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Custode aux Lionnes


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