Giso Pendant no.23


Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890 - 1981)

Chromed brass pendant with reflector, opal glass sphere, 95 x 50 cm.
Design: 1926; Executed: Gispen’s Fabriek voor Metaalbewerking N.V.,
Rotterdam/Culemborg, The Netherlands, 1930-1936


Lingerie-firm Spruyt van Rietschoten, Amsterdam


Sarah Schleuning, Cindy Strauss, 'Electrifying Design A Century of Lighting', Museum of Fine Arts Houston/Yale University Press New Haven and London 2021, p.18 and p.58, plate nr.28.
Biography of the Giso no.23 published in the ‘Rijksmuseum Bulletin’, 2013 chapter ‘Acquisitions’.


This lamp just returned form the Exhibition ' Electrified design, a century of lighting' at the 'Museum of Fine Arts-Houston' and the 'High Museum of Art' Atlanta both in the USA.

Detail Description

We were able to buy a set of two matching rare Giso No.23 lamps, that turned out to be the lighting used in the interior of the lingerie firm ‘Spruyt van Rietschoten’ in Amsterdam in the early thirties.

The Giso No.23 was one of the first uncompromised modernist lamps that was produced in series in The Netherlands. The design with its typical shiny reflector and opal sphere also played an important role in the international campaign of modern lighting the Dutch designer and manufacturer W.H. Gispen launched in Europe in the late twenties with the iconic poster ‘GISO Lampen’.

One of the lamps was acquired by ‘The Rijkmuseum Amsterdam’, the other one will be on display at our booth at PAN Amsterdam.

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Giso Pendant no.23


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