Van Gogh#7


Ruud van Empel

Van Gogh #7, 2021
Archival pigment print
84,1 - 59,4 cm
Edition of 7 +2 AP


Artist's Studio


Inventing van Gogh, Vincent van GoghHuis, Zundert.

Detail Description

In 2020 Ruud van Empel received the assignment of the Vincent van Gogh Huis: to re-interpret Van Gogh; since it is not clear how Van Gogh really looked like (his self-portraits do not necessary represent reality). Van Empel investigated Van Gogh’s painting technique to weave this knowledge in the layering of his photographic material. The final portraits and still lifes done by Van Empel of the famous painter are modded, cut, shaped and coloured.

There are interpretations of 'Sunflowers in a vase', 'Butterflies and poppies', 'Grass ground', 'Flowering peach tree', 'Wild roses with beetle' and 'The old yew tree'. These motifs show his strong affinity with Van Gogh. They remind us of the region of Brabant where Vincent and Ruud van Empel grew up.

Both share the same love for the nature in this area: open fields with farmlands, ploughing horses and wheat fields; a display of colour, form, and texture. In summer it offered a palette of green with pops of muted colour; in winter it showed its heavy tapestry of golden brown and black chunks of clay and soil.

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Van Gogh#7


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