Floor Lamp Giso no.456


Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890 - 1981)

Design: W.H. Gispen, Rotterdam 1931. Executed: Gispen’s N.V. Rotterdam/Culemborg 1934-1935. Nickel-plated brass on a cast iron base with a carousel on top consisting of satin-finished glass louvers hanging around an opal glass cylinder. Dim. 26 x 181 cm.


Private Collector


André Koch, ‘W.H. Gispen serieproducten 1923-1960’, De HEF Publishers Rotterdam 2005, p.79.

Detail Description

The main shape of this lamp, the carousel of glass, was designed as being part of a unique Giso chandelier, that W.H. Gispen made for the impressive entree from the distinguished gentlemen’s club ‘Sociëteit De Witte’ in The Hague in 1930. We sold that chandelier earlier-on to a private collector.

The same carousel was introduced in the regular Giso catalogue in 1931, placed upside down on top of a table lamp (no.426) and on top of the floor lamp no.456.

At first the lamp was executed with a base consisting of half a sphere. Lamps with a more flattened base, are only produced from 1934-1935. Floor lamp GISO No.456 is extremely rare. Today the lamp here on offer is the only copy known to have survived.

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Floor Lamp Giso no.456


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