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Impressions of PAN Amsterdam

PAN Amsterdam is fascinating for art lovers and collectors alike. This is just a small sample of what some of the visitors had to say about PAN Amsterdam. Please click here to view more pictures of the fair!

Private banker Jeroen Hofhuis is a regular visitor to PAN. ‘I’ve been collecting since I was twenty and started with Roman glass. My interest in this was aroused when I read Asterix and Obelix at the age of four. It’s extraordinary to think that objects like those are still intact after two thousand years. I think it’s great that as a collector you can own it temporarily and enjoy it.’

Dr Georges Petitjean is curator at the Museum for Contemporary Aboriginal Art in Utrecht. ‘I’m an eclectic collector. As a Belgian in the Netherlands I’ve chosen a typically Dutch desk here in PAN’s design pavilion. I think it’s fantastic, quite plain and at the same time quite sumptuous.’

Muriel Vermeulen is a true art lover. ‘I love buying art; you can keep looking at it. If I was allowed to pick out one work now, I would choose something by Lu Luo who makes marvellously colourful works of art from theatrical costumes.’

‘This statue radiates great intensity, it’s one of my personal favourites at this year’s PAN’, says Wim Pijbes, Managing Director of the Rijksmuseum. He is standing beside a bust of Rik Wouters from 1907, made by his friend the artist Edgar Tytgat.

Heleen van Ittersum and Pieter van Doorn’s favourite is the collection of Afghan dishes from the Swat Valley . ‘We saw these majolica dishes in the newspaper and we had to go and look at them. It’s great that you can buy something at PAN Amsterdam for a couple of hundred Euros!’

Marie-José van der Voort and Frank van der Linden also visited PAN. Van der Linden comments, ‘I’m a headhunter so this painting of a worker really appeals to me. I’ve already got another work by a Russian artist.’

Art expert Adrie van Griensven explains a work by Isaac Israels to a group of friends from university. They were invited to PAN Amsterdam by one of the exhibitors.

Jeanette Gerritsma of the Akzo Nobel Art Foundation said ‘These earrings are on my wish list... they come from Rajasthan and were made in the fourteenth century.’

Jelmer Boomsma from Grrr medialab admires the light in the interiors by photographer Bert Teunissen. ‘An interesting subject, entirely unadulterated. There’s a story in his work, I think it’s quite extraordinary.’

Simone Remmen is a photographer and enjoys being on the other side of the camera for once. ‘I’m very impressed by these two little Asian statuettes.’

It is the first time that Wouter Goedkoop has been to the fair. ‘I’m really a fan of icons. Their brilliant colours bring calm into a busy life.’

René-Jan Boon is a regular visitor to PAN and loves collecting. ‘I’m mad about modern glass like this spectacular work by the glass artist John Kuhn.’

Fleur de Bruyn and Lisa Stibbe already know what their favourite art is at PAN Amsterdam. ‘Photography appeals to us more than paintings.’

PAN visitor Ken Foster is delighted with his purchase of 'Fake Love', a work by the Dutch graffiti artist who works under the name of Fake.

Lonneke Lichtenveldt explains, ‘My parents are collectors, so I grew up with art. I’ve also got modern art hanging on the wall at home. I’m crazy about the bright colours in this work by Karel Appel.’

PAN has a variety of objects on offer with interesting histories. These three friends are admiring a 17th-century blunderbuss, once owned by Nicolaus Zrinski, a Croatian-Hungarian statesman and poet.