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RAI-Parkhal (hal 8)
1078 GZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The RAI is located near the Amsterdam ring (A10), exit S109, follow signs to the parking area.

The intercity trains from Roosendaal/Belgium connect at Schiphol with trains going to the Amsterdam RAI station. At Schiphol you can change trains on the same platform. The fastest way to reach the RAI if you are coming from Arnhem/Germany, is to take the train to Amsterdam Duivendrecht station. Here you can change trains for the Amsterdam RAI station. There is also direct train connection with the Amsterdam RAI station from Rotterdam, the Hague, Leiden, Weesp, het Gooi and the Flevo polders.More information:  http://www.ns.nl/

If you arrive at Amsterdam Central Station (CS), you can take the Amstelveen express tram 51 (travelling time: 12 minutes, exit at the Amsterdam RAI station) or tram 4 (travelling time: 30 minutes, exit at the RAI Europaplein). If you are travelling by train to the Amstel station, you can take the Amstelveen express tram 51 (travelling time: 5 minutes) or the bus (route 15, 69 or 169), which will bring you to the RAI within 10 minutes. In this case you should get off at RAI Europaplein. From Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, the best way to reach the RAI is with express tram 50.

You can reach Amsterdam RAI from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol by car or public transport in less than 15 minutes. Schiphol Airport is one of Europe's biggest airports and offers passengers a high standard of service.