Pierino Frigerio en BBPR


Italiaans walnoot hout, messing en lak afwerking
Italie, circa 1952

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Extra informatie This cabinet is designed by studio BBPR and executed by Pierino Frigerio. It is a truly marvelous piece by the architectural collective. The piece is was made for a villa in Stresa that was built in 1952. The piece was originally used to separate the dining room from the kitchen area. The combination of brass and walnut combined with the exquisite finish and detailing is extraordinary. Note for instance the 'stepped' borders of the vertical planks, or the sloping border of the cabinets. It is clear that BBPR had in essence an architectural vision, as this wall console is not only aesthetically very well balanced, it is also structurally sound and very functional. The unit consists of four units each outfitted with cabinets at the bottom. The wall unit consists of wooden planks that function as shelves and were the glass cabinets are placed the shelves are made of glass. These glass cabinets can be placed in any desired order. This chest by BBPR is warm in its materials and versatile in its storage facilities.

BBPR was an architectural partnership founded by Gianluigi Banfi (1910-1945), Lodovico Barbiano di Belgiojoso (1909-2004), Enrico Peressutti (1908-1976)
and Ernesto Nathan Rogers (1909-1969). BBPR was thus an acrononym formed from the first letters of their family names. The partnership was founded in opposition to Fascism and they wanted to develop a style that had no references to contemporary politics. During WW II, Gianluigi Banfi died in the camps of the Nazi's whereas the others where also severely defined by this era. They also strongly reacted against the International style by enriching their buildings with medieval references.


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