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LangArt (previously known as Metis_NL) was founded in 2002 by Ron Lang. In 2014 his daughter, Sara Lang, joined the gallery. Throughout the years
LangArt has made a name for itself as a gallery with an eye for talent.

In the last decades numerous high-level artists have shown their work at LangArt like Marlene Dumas, Folkert de Jong, Alfredo Jaar and Norbert Schwontkowski. 
Over the past few years a lot has changed within the contemporary art world. LangArt tries to see these changes as an opportunity. The gallery's strategic plan has been altered considerably and sets out a new vision for the future. In addition, the gallery's name was changed from Metis_NL to LangArt. Narrowing down the list of represented artists to a carefully selected group of 8 artists allows LangArt to fully concentrate on representing these artists with the commitment they deserve. LangArt has deliberately chosen to be recognizable mainly through solo and duo presentations. The gallery seeks to distinguish itself through sobriety and clarity, values which seem to become increasingly important in the art world of today.

Objecten van deze deelnemer:

  • Trace -  Lara de Moor


    Lara de Moor (The Hague, 1969)

    Olieverf op doek 80 x 60 cm 2018

  • Lead -  Lara de Moor


    Lara de Moor (Den Haag, 1969)

    Olieverf op doek 79 x 55 cm 2018

  • Anteroom -  Lara de Moor


    Lara de Moor (Den Haag, 1969)

    Olieverf op doek 204 x 153 cm 2018

  • The necklace -  Lynne Leegte

    The necklace

    Lynne Leegte (Luton, 1965)

    Piezografic print with pastel on Hahnemuhler paper 80 x 78 cm 2018

  • The letter -  Lynne Leegte

    The letter

    Lynne Leegte (Luton, 1965)

    Alabaster 6,5 x 18 x 26,5 cm 2016

  • The approaching storm -  Lynne Leegte

    The approaching storm

    Lynne Leegte (Luton, 1965)

    Piezografic print op Hagnemuhler papier 80 x 141 cm Uniek 2017


Laurierstraat 82
1016 PP Amsterdam
T  0624605088
Directie Ron Lang, Sara Lang


  • Lara de Moor
  • Lynne Leegte