Galerie Bart

Contemporary art and photography

Stand: 153


Galerie Bart represents beginning as well as established artists that have graduated from a Dutch art academy and promotes their work on the national and international art market. There are two gallery branches: one in Amsterdam and one in Nijmegen. The Amsterdam gallery is located in the Jordaan district, close to other modern art galleries. Here we organize mainly solo and duo exhibitions every seven weeks. The gallery in Nijmegen is located at the Honig Complex, a vibrant cultural hotspot in a redeveloped industrial area close to the centre of Nijmegen. Here we organize several activities that are in line with the thematic group exhibitions we organize. Galerie Bart shows work from all disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, installation and video art. We have selected our artists based on their quality, originality and courage as well as their professionalism and ambition.

Objects of this exhibitor:

  • Facing Seoul #83 - Raymond Lemstra

    Facing Seoul #83

    Raymond Lemstra (Groningen, 1978)

    Acrylics and found materials on wooden panel 53 x 40 cm 2017


Elandsgracht 16
1016 TW Amsterdam
T  020 320 62 08
Waalbandijk 14C
6541 AJ Nijmegen
T  024 360 05 77
Directors Bart Hoogwegt


  • Frode Bolhuis
  • Vera Hilger
  • Jeppe Lauge
  • Raymond Lemstra
  • Tamara Muller